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(598) 2508 0396
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Representante Oficial GESI LTDA. Irlanda 2172- C.P.: 11400 - Montevideo, Uruguay


Work Clothing and Leisure

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Working Indumentria

The best gabardine, accompanied by modern designs guarantee you the ideal product for industrial use.

Intensive / Work clothes

Bombachas for men

Bombacha field pattern in cotton gabardine.

USD 36 , 00

Field panties / Adult field panties

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Cargo Trousers

Trousers cargo model with side pockets on the legs and back pockets with velcro covers and bellows.

USD 45 , 00

Free Time / Cargo Line

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Premium Booth

Premium booth security line, toe plastic raincoat.

USD 92 , 00

Shoes /

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